Stardew Valley: Which Farm Map Should You Choose? (2023)

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Stardew Valley has a few farm options to choose from when starting a new game, but each one has pros and cons that can make things fun or challenging.

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One of the fun parts of starting a new game in Stardew Valley is choosing which farm to live on. They each have their own aesthetic, so you can live on and develop the farm you want or challenge yourself with the different layouts. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks, depending on how you like to live in the Valley. As of now, there are a total of seven different farms to choose from, quite a few, but there's always room for more.

Each farm represents a different aspect of life in the valley, from the mountains down to the southern beach. Some have specific resources, while others may have more space or offer room for gameplay challenges. If you haven't tried all the farms out there,the variety in each design certainly inspires players to try new things.


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The Standard Farm

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The classic starter farm that's been there from the beginning. It has a basic layout that's spacious, offering plenty of room to grow crops, care for animals and build and decorate as you please. It has the most useable space of all the farms but none of the extras the others have. It also doesn't have any unique traits aesthetically and the house is standard, although there is plenty of room to add your own outdoor décor. It's the easiest to work with, which is perfect for beginners learning to farm or veterans looking for customization or experimenting with layout ideas. It's also great for coop play since there's space for both players to work together and the second cabin can be placed just about anywhere on the map.

The Riverland Farm

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If you've ever wanted to own various private islands, this is the farm for you. The Riverland Farm is segmented by water and connected with bridges to get around. It has a limited amount of space for farming and just enough to raise a few animals on if you want, but may not hold a fully upgraded and full barn and coop. There just won't be enough grass unless you spend time and materials constantly replanting. Similarly, you may find yourself having to choose what buildings to have. You can, however, fish from home with a high chance to catch river or pond fish and even have a nice little dock area. The house will be decorated with a sea shanty or nautical theme at the beginning, and it may be a nice farm to see ducks swimming around on.

The Forest Farm

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This one is for those who enjoy the Secret Woods aesthetic. The farm is surrounded by dense trees and has a few grass areas. Even grandpa's shrine is hidden away in the corner. There are plenty of trees to chop around here, including stumps for hardwood which regrow. The far left side of the map is where you'll find them, along with seasonal forage items that spawn daily. Even though it has grassy areas that are unplantable and a few extra ponds, there's still quite a bit of room to plant crops and raise animals. Fishing is also possible here, although only for forest fish and not at a high rate. It's a nice, cozy map that still has a good amount of room and your house will be decorated with plants.

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The Hill-Top Farm

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With a similar style to the mountain area of the Valley, the Hill-Top Farm features a river flowing through the middle of the farm with bridges for crossing. The main house and greenhouse area are on a hill with another small one to the south. Across the river is also an elevated area where ore and rocks will spawn with the type depending on the player's mining level. It's an easy way to earn a few geodes and ore fairly regularly; however, you'll be trading this for space. Farmable and buildable areas are mostly spread out, making it difficult to have a large number of crops or space for animals. Fishing is possible here, although at the same rate as the Forest Farm and you'll mainly be catching mountain fish. The house is decorated with a minimalist miner style.

The Wilderness Farm

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This one is like a hybrid of the Standard Farm and Forest Farm in terms of land and map layout, although it has more space than the Forest. There is also an extra pond in the bottom left corner, but you're unlikely to catch many fish here. There's a good amount of space to work with, which means it's good for just about anything you want to do. The only catch is that this farm can become dangerous at night as monsters will spawn. What appears depends on the player's Combat skill, although it's typically slimes, bats and golems. The house is decorated to look spooky with monster wall decorations and a dim color scheme. It's a fun map for veterans to work with as it has space, a different layout than the Standard Farm and danger.

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The Four Corners Farm

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This one came out alongside multiplayer as it's meant to basically have a farm with neighbors. Each corner has its own sort of theme to it and is divided by cliffs. The main house area has the most farming space like the Standard Farm, to the left is a small version of the Forest Farm, the bottom right has a small area for mining ore and geodes and the bottom left has a pond for fishing. In the center is the greenhouse for everyone to access easily. This farm is meant for multiplayer, allowing each player to have their own space or focus on a certain aspect of thriving in the Valley. This map can be played in single-player, of course, and makes for some interesting layout concepts. The number of cabins can be chosen at the beginning of the game or built later.

The Beach Farm

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The Beach Farm is the newest addition to the roster and is good for foraging and fishing. It's more spacious than the Riverland Farm and mainly has a beachy aesthetic. The beach can be used to grow crops; however, the drawback is that you can't use sprinklers on sand tiles. There is one little patch of regular ground that can use sprinklers, but it's quite small. Trees and foraging items can grow just about anywhere, and sometimes supply crates with items will wash up on shore for you to find. There is also a small forest-like area with a pond to the south, although there's not much room to do a lot with it. Players can fish in the area for ocean fish and crab trap crustaceans, snails and more. The house is decorated for the beach, and it's a nice summer farm for those who know how to deal with its peculiarities.

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